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Seibertron Patented Glove Clips, Work Gloves Grabber Holder Clip to Pants

Seibertron Patented Glove Clips, Work Gloves Grabber Holder Clip to Pants

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  • Never leave or misplace your gloves with these handy gloves clips, perfect for hanging gloves off work vests or belts.
  • Keep your gloves handy, it is nice have your gloves on your side that way you know where they are always at. Sturdy, grippy, and heavy duty construction, Works well.
  • On job site with gloves on then gloves off. Great tool for holding while off your hands.
  • Simply clip the small end around your belt loop or directly to your clothing and clip the large end to your gloves.
  • Works well for keeping up with towels, ear muffs and more.


1. Equip with these gloves holder clip, no more hunting for gloves now there right where you need them when you need them.

2. Keeping your gloves close by, holds onto belt loop and holds your gloves very securely. If personal protective equipment is available, it will be used.

3. Use of the Glove products reduces glove replacement costs and the costs associated with environmental clean-up.

4. The safety breakaway also provides a level of reduced risk.

5. The Glove clip has many uses outside the safety industry. Use the Glove clip to keep up with towels, earmuffs, and other PPE equipment, children's mittens, snow hats and more!

6. The Glove clip has many applications in the sporting market. Anywhere you need to clip two things together, the Glove can be used.

7. Use it while camping to hang things from tents, trees, or wherever you can clip it to.

8. Use the Glove clips while working in the garden or to store your gloves and/or towels in the shed.

9. Many gardeners in the south have found the Glove clip useful in helping to cover plants in preparations for a freeze. They also make great clips for chip bags. 12cm Length * 4.2cm Max Width.